Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Skipper a yacht with a student group

First of all I would like to mention, as I have already mentioned, that here are written only my observations and are not always describing specific group. But in my opinion are most of the time true.

The youngest groups are teenagers but they do not go to sailing without their parents. However students do.  Student or people around 20-30 years go sailing probably because one of the participants is enthusiast and want to share his joy for yacht or sailboat with other friends. That person usually has all the knowledge to control the boat.

However there are times when students would like to go on sailing and do not have to sail. One of good example is party weeks that are organized for students. Company that is organizing that kind of trip is hiring skippers to take control over sailboat and look after participants.

You can get lucky and get a group of people that are not that wild. There were cases when people were parting on a sailboat during a day and have damaged so badly that helicopter was needed to transport them to hospital in time. Otherwise there are only some scratches and broken bones when people were drunk and were running on a unstable and not flat surface such is a sailboat.

Overall I think you should be careful and look over beside the sailboat or yacht also to your crew - students. In my opinion being a skipper to students is the most intense and exhausting part of being a skipper.

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