Saturday, March 10, 2012

What to expect if you are skipper to a older couple or more couples?

As I have already mentioned in a post before details stated below are only my observations that I have gathered through my carrier as a skipper and does not always represent all the groups and there reactions that I am describing. However in my experience those predictions are mostly true.

When you are skipper older couples they are mostly a bit more quitter and relaxed. They do not party often and wake up in the morning so they can enjoy as much of the day as possible. Even sailing is not that intense because they prefer to sail for fun not because of adrenalin or the need to expose them to the sun. They appreciate the sailboat and sailing culture but do not want to push it over the limit.

However some older couples are completely opposite. I once had skipper older couples that have brought a whole barrel of wine to the boat and they were constantly drinking it. Honestly what is the purpose of that kind of action? If you want to get drunk you can do that at home not in such a perfect environment as it is in the open sea. And the alcohol can be even dangerous for the boat, crew and other people around.

What is the good point of skippering the older couples? Definitely they enjoy sailing and will put that in front of waking up late in the morning. They are usually people that you can talk with and by that I meant not just one word. This is probably one of my most favorable groups to skipper.

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