Monday, March 5, 2012

Being a Skipper to a yacht chatered by a few families

Various experienced that I have gain during my skipper Carrier is that you never know what kind of clients you would get. Sometimes you get along with one family and also a group of young friends and next time you just do not get along with some other group of people. However I have find out that there are some characteristics that are usual connected with a group or individual that is chartering a yacht.

Today I would share what kinds of characteristic have families. Usually family or few families charter a boat for their summer vacation. Probably kids go to school so they charter the boat during the holidays.

Skipper for a family

At least one parent or all them are interested in sailing and would like to spend quality time with their kids. However not all kids preferred sailing and are compiling that they would like to spend their holidays somewhere else, especially teenagers which would like to spend there holidays with the people of there age and are not happy when they need to spend it with there parents. Those kids mostly complain on leaning of sailboat and you need to travel around with your boat only with motor.

Parents could give you also some difficult times. When they want to impress there kids with there knowledge of sailing or how to control yacht and sometimes talking about gibberish that they do not understand.

However some families are just perfect to sail with. Kids are interested in sailing and parents are more then ready to help with the lifting sails and anchors. Be careful not to get wrong impression and mark nice family with bad badge.

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