Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Control bigger yacht compared to smaller boat?

Is it difficult to control bigger yacht compared to a smaller boat? Of course it is. Although you have much electric assistance it is much harder to control a yacht.

People thought that when they pass theoretical exam for skipper and have a few experience with a dinghy already know how to control a yacht. But the truth is far from that. With the bigger the yacht is, more difficult to control it. This is why bigger yacht have additional crew that is helping with the control of the boat. It is not that difficult to control a yacht in open sea (there is a bigger momentum between when you turn the steering wheel and when the vessel starts turning), but bigger problem is when you are in a port. All marinas have wide corridors and most of the time a lot of place. Now image to go on the same spot with 4 times or even bigger yacht. 

This yacht fills this wider corridor by itself so it is not that much space for coordinating the yacht.
It is the same with errors. When you control small boat you can quickly correct error and get the boat back on the track. But when you have done a mistake on a yacht you can already crashed to the pier.
There are many new technological devices that are helping you with a landing. Such as remote controls - allows you to control the yacht from the shore. Detectors of how far are you from the shore (similar to the ones that cars have). Cameras in front and in the back of the yacht that allows you to can see the distance that you usually can not saw.

One of the biggest advances in helping control the yacht is additional crew. People that you can rely on and are on the places that you can not see. They act as yours additional eyes and pair of hands.
Do not underestimate the length of yacht. Sometimes one meter is already too much.

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