Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sailboat Skipper dream: Being in charge on Maltese Falcon

Probably all the sailors have heard about Maltese Falcon. It is officially the biggest sailboat although sailboat Athena is 6 feet longer if the length is measured from tail to nose instead of the waterline.

Anyhow the Maltese Falcon is the proof of development and new materials. With the carbon build sailboat the boat is pretty light for its size and can sustain stronger winds and leaning to a wider angle. The sailboat Maltese Falcon was built in 2006 (Valletta, Malta) and since then had receive a lot of awards for astounding design.

And why is this sailboat so special to sail with beside its length. Whenever there is no wind sailboat has two 1.800 horsepower engines that can speed up the sailboat until 23 mph or 37 km/h, which is 20 knots. This engine should not make almost any waves and almost no vibration.

Maltese Falcon has a permanent crew of 18 people. However most of them are in charge to help guests in this fancy Hotel. The boat is otherwise pretty easy to control with its 3 masts. Each mast is approximately 190 feet (58 meters) high and have 5 sails that can roll out and in automatically by the press of a button.

Besides all the luxury that Maltese falcon has (fitness, luxury rooms, Jacuzzi and so on) there are also a lot of toys on boar to play on. Such as 4 small sailboats (laser type), Jet tender, Pascoe RIB Tender and many other small stuff that make your life easier.
And what is the price for the sailboat? If you want to buy it the price is around 100.000.000 USD. Maybe you can afford to rent it but also this price is pretty high: 325.000 USD till 335.000 USD.

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