Monday, April 2, 2012

Dream job: being Skipper to a largest yacht Eclipse

Have you already heard about the largest yacht in the world owned by a private owner? Probably you heard about Roman Abramovich russian business man and owner of the football club Chelsea (4th in Premier League).

Biggest yacht of the world Eclipse was build in Germany by 2 companies: Blohm and Voss. Yacht is designed for maximum comfort and luxury: it have own submarine and 3 landing boats that are impresive by itself. Yacht with the range of 536 feets (163,5 meters)  and with it's tonnage of 13.000 GT it should be  difficult to handle. However it has a strong engines that alows to move this yacht with cruising speed of 22 nautica miles per hour and top speed of 25 knots. 25 knots is almost 30 miles per hour and if you though that you are moving almost a skycraper with that speed it is impressive.

Luckly yacht has few bow thrusters that help this boat turning. Bow thruster is a propeller built in the front of the yacht that is helping to move the boat left and right. With the landing and navigating the boat there is around 10 people that is helping to control the boat all the time. There are also around 40-60 crew on boat that are able to help with the controling the boat.

And why is this a dream job? Beside one of the best salaries you are all the time on dream locations. Bermudhas, Nice, Monaco and other top spots are just the example where you can moor this giant Yacht. And with your free day of you can spend it in the most luxuries cities or just on the yacht that has its own disco plus two swmimming pools.

Beside all technology that there is on the yacht that helps to control the boat, there is also special device that disable paparazzi to take a picture of the yacht. With a laser that is directed automatically to different cameras you are unable to take  picture of the yacht.

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