Sunday, March 4, 2012

5 reasons to hire a Skipper beside your yacht

Why is Skipper job important and why you should hire a skipper if you already know the basics of controlling the yacht? Find out what are 5 reasons for Skipper:

1. You should definitely think to hire a skipper beside your charter yacht when you do not have any experience with controlling of the boat. Skipper will take care of the sailboat or any other boat and will take you to your desired destination.

2. If you do not have many experience and would like to learn more about practical ways of sailing you should think of hiring a skipper. First of all you should not risk your lives and nevertheless it is pretty expensive if you damage the boat. You can ask Skipper anything about controlling the yacht and different rules on the sea. Skipper has usual many experience and can easily teach you a lot more then they did in skipper courses.

3. When you are sailing to a place that you do not know, maybe some new area or different country, you do not know where are all good beaches and bay to visits. Skipper is usual a local person that has been and explore all various bays and beaches. You can use a Skipper knowledge and he can be your personal guide to various hidden spots that only locals know about them.

4. A lot of people go to a yacht or sailboat to party. And when the party start usually there is no one who can be sober enough to control a boat. There were many cases when powerboat hit the mainland or different sailboat. This is not responsible only to yourself but you can harm others and there were also cases of deaths. So rather think about a skipper to control your boat when you are having fun.

5. On of the reasons when people are hiring skipper is just because they need a company. People would like to go sailing or cruising with a yacht but they do not have no one to go with. So they hire a skipper to give them a company and control a boat.

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