Saturday, March 17, 2012

Skipper Gear: right Shoes

You can not enjoy sailing if your thoughts are running away. And specially if you felt cold or wet. This is why it is important to have the right gear to protect you and give you maximum in every condition that you find yourself.

And one of most important gears beside cloths are skipper shoes. And what are appropriate shoes. First of all do not ever think you can walk on sailboat with high heels there are not many flat surfaces and it is slippery so with heels you will soon be in the water. Flip flops are also not that good idea. They are also slippery and can fall down quickly. The best temporary solution are athletic shoes. Those have pretty good grip and cover also your feet from above.

However the best solution in different weather condition are of course the true skipper shoes. For sailing I advice you to take the best shoes and do not look what is cheap or expensive. Usually expensive shoes have some hidden advantages that are shown in wet surfaces. It is smart to chose recognized firms such as Skipper shoes, Harken, Helly Hansen or TBS. Recognized firms that have tradition are good in various situation such as dry, wet and windy conditions. And it makes your feet able to breath but do not allow the water to come inside.

When you are buying new gear do not look for every buck. It is smart to buy good gear because it will last longer and it will give you more pleasure by wearing it, not to mention this gear will make you safer.

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