Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day skipper theory: online

Is is really important to pass a skipper course, because you can control the boat on your own. However to do that you need to have a lot of basics and learn different situations where the boat (yacht or sailboat) can find itself. This is why every year more and more people enroll to various skipper courses.

Important question is where you can find all theoretical questions  for day skipper course before you go to exam or when you like to refresh your knowledge. It is better if those questions can be gathered on one place, online. Day skipper course last only one day but in that time you need to pass theory and practice of skipper knowledge.
Theory question consists of areas of navigation of the boat, map reading and orientation, lights on other boat and signalization, how good you know the engine and of course practical knowledge of knots and similar.

Practical course is more about handling the sailboat or motorboat in the sea. How you can manage to stop the boat and get in or out the harbor without the damaging the boat by hitting it to other boats or simply loose control of the boat. You can easily control the boat outside on the open sea where there is room for errors. If you do a wrong decision there is no yacht or sailboat which you can hit. But in a harbor or boats are closely together and you need to "squeeze" your sailboat into one particular space.

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