Monday, July 9, 2012

Basics of sailing: Sail depending on the wind

To continue with the basics of sailing and how to sail in this post I will explain how you can sail with the sailboat depending from the direction where the wind is blowing.

Sailing Downwind 
You sail downwind if the wind is blowing in the same directions like the boat is moving. You can even sail downwind without the sails. This is pretty useful when you need to get the boat slowly into the docks (however it is not advisable).
To sail with the wind you need to get the sails at the right angle to the wind. If the wind is blowing directly downwind to the sailboat the main sail needs to be almost rectangular to the sailboat. Also Genoa or Jib needs to be really open and not tight. If the wind is blowing from the back you can try to get main sail to the other side of the boat then gib or Genoa.
Wind is caught behind the sails and pushes the sail forward. If the wind is stronger the boat will move faster.

Sailing into the wind  
You cannot sail directly into the wind but you can sail 20 degrees left or right against the wind. If you are sailing against the wind you need to tighten the sails as much as it is possible, you put the sails closer to the centerline.  If the wind is blowing slightly from the left you need to put both of the sails (front and the back) slightly to the right and  if the wind is blowing from other way you need to put sails singly to the left.
It is important if the boat is leaning too much and then comes a gust of wind the sailboat will leans a bit more and ruder can look out from the sea and loose it affect. Sailboat will gets horizontally to the wind and the boat will catch more wind and the boat will leans even more. In this case you need to loose sails.

Sailing across the wind 
When the wind is blowing from sides we are talking about sailing across the wind. The sails catch wind and transform it into the power to push the sailboat forward. With the help of rudder and centerboard it keeps the sailboat to move with the wind.
One more thing to care off is when you are changing directions. If the wind is blowing from one side and then you turn the boat the boom wills go to another side. This is where boom got its name. Boom can danger hit you and get you unconcealed. Even worse it can throw you into the water and if you are without life jacket you can drown.


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