Thursday, March 22, 2012

Charter a Yacht for visit Croatian Islands

It is well known that Croatia has beautiful shore. Not many people know that Croatia is one of the best places to charter a yacht. Reason for this are hidden in combining of various factors: many beautiful Islands close by, good infrastructure for sailing, unexplored nature and some bigger cities when you prefer to go to a party.

Croatia has around 1000 islands (number vary depending on the definition of what is an island). And all islands cover 3,300 km2 which is 1,300 square miles. Islands are really close to each other so if you do not like one of the islands you can easy go to another one. Some of the islands in Croatia are covered with forest and some of them are completely without vegetation. It is similar with the beaches. There is a lot places where you have only rock beaches and also where you have sandy or pebbled beach.

Compare to other countries around the world Croatia has a one of the best infrastructure for sailing. A lot of marinas close by, most of them connected under ACI name setting higher standards. If you have any problems or you need a gas everything is in close reach. And if there is not any official that can help you out, Croatian people are very friendly and will help you if only they can.

If you Charter a yacht in Croatia you can find a lot of places that have not seen any people for quit a long time. Some islands that are away from cities are completely empty, waiting at you to sail there and spend a time of your life in quite paradise.

However if you need to see some more people after the week on the yacht or sailboat that is not a problem to find a party. Across Croatia are many bigger cities on the shore (Split, Dubrovnik, Pula, Zadar) that are offering good night life. But the most famous party place is called Zrće and is located on Croatian island Pag. Zrće is called the new Ibiza and is famous tourist destination for many people from the whole world. Long beach made of pebble is home for 3 big discotheques were party never stops.

Do you need another reason to go next time to Croatian Islands with yours charter Yacht? I have to mention also the Croatian culture, Mediterranean food and gorgeous people... 

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